Thursday, 17 November 2011

Aardman's Pirates Trailer: will 3d animation work?

The trailer for AARDMAN pirates was recently released.

Aardman Animations are the wonderful animation company based in Bristol (UK). They’re the genius crew behind the likes of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run. Their latest creation looks really exciting, especially for fans of stop-motion animation. It’s a Pirates movie: a 3d stop-motion masterpiece by the looks of it! 

Check out the trailer:


It'll be interesting to see how their unique and quirky style works with 3d and greenscreen technology. Aardman's Peter Lord said, "With Pirates!, I must say that the new technology has made Pirates! really liberating to make, easy to make because the fact that you can shoot a lot of green screen stuff, the fact that you can easily extend the sets with CG, the fact that you can put the sea in there and a beautiful wooden boat that, frankly, would never sail in a million years, you can take that and put it into a beautiful CG scene and believe it."

It could be a disaster of course; A lot of people, me included, thought the recent Tintin animated movie was quite "uncanny" and cold. It was fun and nostagic, but represented the opposite of a Wallace and Gromit film, as a film that was instantly forgettable, and in a few years time will surely be outdated and dull to look at. Aardmans animations will still be beautiful and watchable in 100 years time.

Personally I love it when everything seen on screen is real. It gives the best animated films a real depth and they feel special. The likes of Coraline and Wallace and Gromit weren't designed by a load of geeks on computers, they were a labour of love created by huge teams of talented artists.  One of my favourite animated films ever is Mary and Max, an incredibly moving and inventive film, in which Everything you see on screen is real! I will review this as soon as I get a copy and watch it again; it's wonderful!
So let's just hope Aardmans experiments work, and they create movie magic as pioneering as their other wonderful work.


  1. I found your blog from Cartoon Brew. Nice reviews. I'll be back :)

  2. Thanks :) I'm going to keep posting news and reviews. Some awesome new movies coming up too!